Saturday, October 12, 2002

Moving Day

Well, I'm finally moving off of Blogspot. The new home can be found here. I'll be fiddling with stuff for a few days, rather than posting, but feel free to go ahead and change your bookmarks.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Analysis of the Iraq Resolution passed by Congress

A few gems by Steven den Beste.
We will now observe one of those marvelous paradoxes which keep appearing in politics. Since Bush won't require UN authorization for war, he'll get it. If the bill which passed Congress had included a requirement for UN authorization, it would not have happened. Isn't political logic grand? If the Senate does approve the House language for the bill as now seems likely, then it will become evident to the members of the Security Council that the train is going to leave the station, and they can be on it or under it. With an authorization for war not requiring UN approval in his pocket, Bush will be far less subject to attempts at extortion by the veto powers, and they will recognize that refusing authorization will only harm the UN without any commensurate benefit. UN approval will still be useful, and Bush will be willing to pay a small price to get it, but he doesn't require it and he is in a good position to negotiate. But if Congress had required Bush to obtain UN approval, then the veto powers in the Security Council would have had him up a tree, and would have attempted to extort huge concessions in exchange for their votes. With a requirement for UN approval, their votes would have had actual significance. Without such a requirement, their votes will largely be symbolic.
Section 2 encourages and applauds effort to work with the UN, but pointedly includes no requirement for UN approval. By deliberately mentioning the UN in this way without any such requirement, it makes clear that Congress considered and rejected any requirement for UN approval. Section 3 gives the President the power to attack Iraq if he decides that further diplomacy is useless to enforce UN resolutions, or because he decides it has become necessary in order to "protect the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq." As written, it's clear that either of those will be sufficient grounds; both are not required. What this means is that even if Saddam actually comes (or seems to come) 100% into compliance with UN resolutions, Bush still has permission to attack if he concludes that our national security is at risk, and he does not have to explain that decision to Congress. They have authorized him to make that decision and have not reserved that decision to themselves, nor do they intend to second-guess it as a formal action. Of course, when the time comes, he will undoubtedly make a speech explaining the decision. But I feel that this is a reasonable grant of authority.
den Beste is very good at analyzing this kind of stuff, If you have a few minutes, It is well worth the time spent reading the whole thing.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Great Ad about the NJ election...

This ad refers to Toricelli/Lautenberg switch on the New Jersey ballot, far after the legal deadline for such a switch. Thanks to Rand Simberg for the link.

My Last Name

Meryl Yourish was kind enough to link to my post below about poop-spam. Afterwards, Meryl commented "Man, Tony, you must get some great searches with that last name of yours. And some creepy ones, too." Well, Surprisingly enough, I don't get many weird referrals on that. Almost all of them with Hooker are related to the Hooker Trojan, not quite what you would expect seeing the last name alone. (Of course, my blog title helps a bit with the trojan part of it...) There have been a few for people looking for Hookers in Copenhagen, as I recall... But i wonder if the poop-spam post will up my Google rankings for Diaper Blowout. I'm only at 12th place now.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Worst Spam Ever

Ok, I normally Don't read spam. But In this case, I had to make an exception. This is hands down, the absolute worst piece of spam I have ever recieved. Worse than "Work at Home". Worse than "SAVE 50-75% OFF Quality Inkjet Cartridges!". Worse than Breast enlargement ads. Even worse than the Sporn (Porn Spam) that cosntantly gets sent to me. This even beats the Nigerian Money scam-spam. The subject for this one? "RE: Your Bowels Cleaned" This really made me morbidly curious. Instead of deleting it with the others, I decided to take a peek.
Let me ask you this...which is worse: A. The engine on your Lexus freezes up at 160,000 miles instead of 300,000. You take a financial hit and you are forced to buy a Camry this time. B. You start bleeding during bowel movements. You go to the doctor and get poked, prodded, X-ray'd, biopsied, etc. 3 days later you get a call for a consultation. The doctor informs you that you have advanced colon cancer at 45 years old. You have anywhere from 6 months to 5 years left to live. He tells you it's time to get your house in order because you'll be checking out soon. Chemotherapy starts today. A friend of mine who was a science and health researcher at the University of Chicago, just died this past year of colon cancer at 42. In he midst of the prime of his life, he said goodbye, and left his wife and child behind, wondering what just hit them. Why do you brush your teeth? Are your teeth falling out right now? For most of us, we do it so we won't need false teeth and Fixodent own the road...right? We want to be able to eat apples. Hey, I agree with that. Natural teeth are great. But have you ever seen someone who was forced to endure a colonectomy? Someone who now will be spending the rest of their life carrying a bag around? Incredibly, this is an area where even the staunchest MD's AGREE with us!! Can you believe it? If they knew you had the greatest colon cleanse in the world, I bet they might even refer people to you. NO, I'm not kidding... This subject is not even up for debate. It's a proven fact. The problem is, most people are not doing anything about it. Please don't be one of them. ****WARNING***** The next section of this email contains graphic material which may not be suitable for squeamish individuals. Let's talk stools. The stool tells you a lot about your colon health. If it's dark brown in color, and it sinks, and it stinks, that's not good. And don't feel bad, that's the way most people are. What you want to see is light brown color, which means it's full of fresh bile from the liver, very mild odor, and a stool that floats. We're talking low-density here folks. The more compaction you have the darker the color and the faster it sinks. compaction is not good. Also, moving bowels should be SIMPLE. If the veins are popping out of your neck and you feel like your doing the bench press, you NEED to cleanse your colon. When you do the cleanse, for the first few days....things are a little weird. But you know you're cleansed when you see the above good stuff happening, and you are eliminating at least 2-3 times per day. Cleansing your colon is a 30-day process. Its also very economical at $43.00. You may be very surprised at some of the benefits you will receive besides just losing 1-5 lbs of cr*p from your body and brightening your future health. People have reported more energy, less allergies, clearing of acne, cessation of migraines, and many other results, not to mention restored regularity. When your body is void of old, poisonous toxins that are constantly being reabsorbed through the colon walls, it can begin to heal again. And when the colon walls are clean, the good nutrients from your food and supplements can be absorbed again. You will be thrilled with the results. At this point you are either nauseated thinking about what is inside your own colon, or you're ready to do something about cleaning it out. Want more info? Click here and I'll send it to you, including instructions on how to take it. And yes, I have taken it myself. Currently available only in the U.S. and Canada. Seeking Distributors to meet high demand. **Email link deleted**

Monday, October 07, 2002

Winning Elections By Any Means Necessary

Ok, Lets put on our conspiracy hats for just a moment. If you were a Democrat strategist, and you wanted to make sure that the republicans would not gain seats in the House and the Senate, how would you do that? Well, you could always use the Calvinball approach, and change the rules in the middle of the election to benefit your party, like they did in New Jersey. But over time, that would get a lot of notice, and would require a lot of work by a lot of people in various states. But, what if you could find a faster way to hurt the Republicans. Say, perhaps the Economy. Not just in a couple of races, but across the whole country, causing a downturn nationwide, to lower Bush's approval rating (And with it, Republican chances for control of Congress). And this plan wouldn't require much work at all. In fact, It would specifically require No Work by a group of California longshoremen. Get one single union group to go on strike until after the election, hose up the entire economy, and make sure that it is impossible for the Republicans to get a majority in both houses of Congress. Nice plan. After all, If they are making an average of $106,883, I'd bet the longshoremen can easily afford to take a couple of months off, much more easily than the everyday people whose retirement accounts they are devastating with their strike. Basic idea for this post thanks to Rodger Schultz

Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the Media.

Here we are, about to go to war with Iraq. However, according to AP, most networks can't be bothered to show a presidential address, where Bush will be speaking about the threat we face in Iraq, and why war is justified.
- ABC: Not planning live coverage. - NBC: Not planning live coverage. - MSNBC: Planning live coverage. - CBS: Not planning live coverage. - FOX News: Undecided. - FOX: Undecided. - CNN: Planning live coverage.
This is downright sad. This is hands down one of the most important things facing the country, but I suppose the new episodes of Drew Cary, Fear Factor, King of Queens, and a 30 year reunion of MASH are more important issues facing us all. At least CNN is going to show it, but I'd bet they will have commentary afterwards by French, German and Iraqi Politicians. Or at least the far left wing of the Democrat party, who are likely to use the same anti-war arguments. Link via K-Lo in The Corner.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Boy, I'm a cheapskate!

Ok, I'm sure that many of you have noticed the large number of people switching from Blogspot to Moveable Type, or some other similar solution. I was wondering... Would it be possible for a multiple blogs to share a single host and installation of MT, without too many security issues? I'd like to move off blogspot, but I'm not so sure I could justify spending the cash for a domain name and even a el-cheapo hosting service. But if several low-bandwidth blogs all chipped in together on it...

My kind of Holiday...

National Ammo Day Celebrate the second amendment by buying 100 rounds of ammunition on November 19th. Great for hunting, self defense, target practice and annoying the anti-gun lobbyists.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Send her hatemail

Especially if it ends up producing rants this good.