Saturday, August 10, 2002

Down to about 14 minutes...

A friend mentioned that they searched in google under an old email address and found some ancient, ancient usenet posts. I decided I'd try the same thing, with my old college email address. Well, a short while later, Google responded with an archive page from Wired. I thought to myself... Hmm... Why is my old email address on a Wired page? Scroll down far enough, and I find it. They has used my old tigger sig as their random ascii art of the month!
           __  _-==-=_,-.     
          /--`' \_@-@.--<
          `--'\ \   <___/.              
               \ \\   " /               
    ____       /= |  \_|/                
  _'    `\   _/=== \___/      
  `___/ //\./=/~\====\                   
      \   // /   | ===:                 
       |  ._/_,__|_ ==:        __
        \/    \\ \\`--|       / \\
         |    _     \\:      /==:-\
         `.__' `-____/       |--|==:
            \    \ ===\      :==:`-'
            _>    \ ===\    /==/
           /==\   |  ===\__/--/
          <=== \  /  ====\ \\/
          _`--  \/  === \/--'
         |       \ ==== |
         -`------/`--' /
This was my old Ascii .sig of Tigger, from back around November of 94. (For the Nettiquite Nazis, yes, I did have a shorter 4 line sig that I normally used, but every now and then I had to spice things up a bit.) Man, Thats got to be another 30 seconds off my allotted 15 minutes, and I didn't know for almost 8 whole years.

Friday, August 09, 2002

Some days I love my job!

Today is "THE RETURN OF THE BIG ZUCCHINI CONTEST!" Yes, In all Caps. The Categories include: The Biggest Zucchini, The Most Talented Zucchini, The Longest Zucchini, The Best Tasting Zucchini and The Best Dressed Zucchini. But the best part is the list of official rules.
  • The judges can always be bribed
  • [CEO of the company] has to win “something.”
  • Cheating is encouraged.
  • The Company assumes no liability for any Zuke that might fly off its allotted flight plan or unexpectedly explodes in the hot August sun.
  • You must revere the Big Zucchini as a cultural icon of your garden and of the [Company] culture.
  • If you have used illegal substances to grow your Zuke, you must inform the judges before they touch and/or taste test it.
  • IMPORTANT!!! Once again…you do NOT have to grow your own Zucchini! The growing season this year has been very productive, so undoubtedly your friends, family, enemies, are all trying to give away their Zukes…begging you to take some!
And of course, With any activity like this comes the free food. We are having a local Barbecue place cater lunch. Lexington Style Barbecue, of course. Some days, going to work is worth it after all.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Slowly Climbing up the food chain

I need to check my referral logs more frequently. I just realized that I got a link from Sasha Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy. The Conspiracy is one of the Higher beings in NZ Bear's Blogosphere Ecosystem. I'm nothing but a Insignificant Microbe by comparison. Darn. Thats at least a good 30 seconds gone from my alloted 15 minutes of fame, isn't it?

What I have to look forward to...

Woodlief at Sand in the Gears (Is Woodlief his last name, his first name, or some sort of Druidic sounding Nom-de-cyber?) talks about some of the many ways his 2 year old manages to emberass him in public.
"I'm showing my big basketball belly!" "I don't think people want to see your belly." "It's a big one!" "That it is, son."
The worst I have to worry about for now is a 4 month old who can Projectile Vomit and or release flatulence loud enough to be heard from 2 rooms away. But I'm sure he will become much better by the time he reaches 2 years old...

The real reason we can't find Osama!

He escaped from Tora Bora, into the year 2502! I suppose there is some downside to compounding interest, isn't there? (Found this link via Natalie Soylent)

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Attack Banana!

Religious Dads spend more time with their Children.

Afew quotes from an article in the Washington Times:

A new study shows that fathers of the evangelical and Catholic faiths may be better parents than secular dads, if judged by the time they spend with their children in activities or at the dinner table...

The author of the study, reported in the Journal of Marriage and Family, said the findings contradict a stereotype that conservative Protestant fathers leave child rearing to stay-at-home wives.

"Evangelical Protestant fathers, including Southern Baptists, are very involved with their children, which I found surprising, given their tendency to embrace traditional gender attitudes," said W. Bradford Wilcox, a sociologist at the University of Virginia.

Findings were based on time spent on five kinds of one-on-one activities, such as reading or playing a game.

Evangelical fathers on average spent more hours per week with their children than other dads. They reported being at an average of 27 more family dinners a year than those with no religious affiliation.

Catholic fathers, who excelled in devotion to group activities with their children, on average spent about two hours more a week with their children than fathers of no religion....

..."Religious culture or subculture matters," said Sally Gallagher, an Oregon State University sociologist who reviewed the report. Religious belief can "make a difference in men's involvement as parents," she said.

General Social Survey findings from 1994 to 2000 tend to confirm the Wilcox report, said Tom Smith of the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), which conducts the massive annual survey.

"Overall, evangelical Protestant fathers are the most child-oriented while fathers with no religious affiliation are the least focused on children," Mr. Smith said.

While 30 percent of evangelical fathers agree that people without children "lead empty lives," that is the belief of 22 percent of Catholic fathers, 18 percent of mainline Protestant fathers and 10 percent of fathers with no religion.

At the same time, evangelical fathers are less likely to believe they "are very successful in balancing work and family."

Just 29 percent think they strike that balance. That compares with 30 percent of Catholics, 36 percent of nonreligious fathers and 42 percent of mainline Protestant churchgoers.

Accordingly, more than half of evangelical (56 percent) and Catholic (52 percent) fathers "want to spend much more time with their families," the NORC survey said....

To me, this makes perfect sense. Those with religious faith consistently have stronger family ties, at least in my experience. This isn't to say that the non-religious would not be good fathers, Its just that to those with religious faith, there is a lot more importance placed on the family. While technically, I am considered in "mainline protestantism" by being a member of the Methodist Church, I find that a large number of my attitudes and beliefs are influenced by more evangelical denominations.

I did find the comment about "traditional gender attitudes" by W. Bradford Wilcox a bit disturbing. Why do people assume that the "typical man" doesn't want to have much to do with his children? While some men do have this attitude (and some women do as well!) I find absolutely nothing inconsistent with being a stereotypical dad while being highly involved with my son. My wife and I are attempting to make arrangements for her to be able to stay home with our almost 4 month old son. She has been back at work for a bit over a month now, and As much as we love the woman who sits for him, We think it would be best if one of us were home with him. Call it an old fashioned "gender attitude" but I am currently seeking a part time job to provide the needed income for my wife to leave work.

Yes, I'd be at work, while she is at home with the kid, but nothing in that means would be ignoring my son. If anything, I'd be looking out for his best interest. Yes, I'll probably be at work and miss him some nights. But In my time away from work, I'd be able to spend almost every minute with him. As it is now, I pick him up from the sitter, and play with him about an hour and a half, and then when my better half gets in, I do all the various chores and tasks that need to be done (Preparing his bottles for the next day, washing the dirty botles, getting supper ready, and giving him a bath...) Except for his bathtime I barely get to see him after my wife gets home.

By allowng her to be at home with him during the day, All of those chores will be handled by her, and then the three of us can spend some good quality family time the second I walk in the door. Yeah, Its going to mean some sacrifices (Hello basic cable!, goodbye 500 channels!) But in the end it will be worth it. He will be able to spend more time with each of us in the long run, and I think we will all three be better off for it.

Religion of Peace Update

Little Green Footballs and James Lileks Both have some interesting comments on which claims to be “a resource guide for Muslim American teenagers” Any message board where the best way to stab jews is discussed, and people rank their favorite decapitation snuff film is a scary place.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

New Example of Chutzpah!

The classic example of chutzpa is someone who kills his father and mother, then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan. How about a new one updated for the times? MSNBC has an article about a Good Samaritan who stopped to help after a 2 car accident. While this man was helping one of the two accident victims, the second man steals his car!

Best quote of all time!

"People are driving way too fast," he said. "Speed is the primary ingredient toward that." --Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes
This was in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Found it via Best of the Web.