Saturday, August 31, 2002

Gone Fishin'

I'm headed out of town for the weekend either later today, or first thing sunday morning. Posting will be light to nonexistent until Tuesday. See you then!

Friday, August 30, 2002

Harvard Magazine Runs article: "Abolish the Black Race"

The goal of abolishing the black race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition...
It is hard to believe that in this day and age, that any University would allow their literature to be used for such hate filled, racist Rhetoric. Partiularly a University with the reputation that Harvard has. Oh, wait... Did I say Black up there? That should read "Abolish the White Race". Suddenly, I bet it doesn't sound nearly so objectionable to many. And that, to me is one of the saddest parts.

More on "The Real Beverly Hillbillies"

Rod Dreher has some great insights:
How charming. Ship the toothless poor white trash in from Appalachia, set them down amid immense luxury, and watch the dopes make inadvertent fools of themselves in front of the rich and beautiful. The Real Beverly Hillbillies they're calling it. Some fun that'll be. Yes sir, southern white people — the kind who tend to own guns, believe in God, love their country and vote Republican — are Hollywood's niggers.
Follow the above link for more. It's a great read. Update: Rod Also links to a great site called Whigging Out. In there, another Jewish Southerner has an excellent piece about the whole beverly Hillbillies fiasco (Scroll down jsut a bit, no direct links.) A snippet of his Post...
You simply do not have, remaining in the land, a more real group of people who don't really give a damn what others think. The true Southerner knows well how others view him, and yet he never sets about looking for "leaders" and apologists to run onto TV and shame everyone for their mean-spiritedness. It has always been a sign of confidence and pride, or so I've taken it, that the Southerner lets the Northerner, or other elite types, pummel him repeatedly without recourse to the tiresome props of the victim. And thank God for that. The amusing part of all of this is that the Southerner knows how right he is in many ways. The things that seem simple and small and infuriating to them city slickers always winds up winning and enduring in the end. And the elite types, many of them know this too. Some of the Northerners and snooty people I have known spy these facts deep down and darkly in their hearts, and it gives them a profound respect for this stubborn Southern culture that wont go away despite the endless drubbings and "education" they attempt to provide for them on TV and in public schools.
Anyway, I have Blogrolled his site. It is definately one worth going back to.

You've got Laundry!

Well, Other Internet connected devices are old news. We have Online Coke machines, Interactive Model Railroads and Urinals with their own IP address. What's next? Washer and Dryers.
The system, called eSuds and developed by IBM and USA Technologies, lets students swipe a credit card or punch a code into their mobile phones to pay for washing or drying their clothes instead of scrounging in backpacks and desk drawers for change. The souped-up washers and dryers also let students check a website for empty machines. From the comfort of their desktop or laptop, students can add soap and fabric softener that is dispensed by the washing machine. Finally when the wash is done, they can be sent an e-mail telling them to come and get it.
Link Via Fark.

The Insta-flood is dying off

Take a peek at my Site Stats Graph, and see if you can tell which day I was that I got a link from Instapundit. It doubled (and almost tripled) the total number of Visits on my hit counter. Not just visits per day, but all time visits. If I was making any money off this, I'd send Glenn Reynolds a fruit basket or something.

Tilting at Windmills, part II

Thanks to Stewart Buck, I found out that Michael Newdow is back in the news again. You know, the same guy who brought us the whole Pledge of Allegiance Controversy? The same guy who filed a suit on behalf of his daughter, trying to ban the Pledge, When as it turns out, he has no custody of his daughter, and she is a Christian, who has no problem at all with the Pledge, "Under God" and all... Well, Now he wants to ban Congressional Chaplains. What's next? Perhaps we could pave over Arlington National Cemetery. After all, all those religious symbols on the gravestones and religious funeral services constantly being held there. Nope, can't have that type of behavior going on, can we?

Tilting at windmills search engines

Nick Danger talks about a Salon Interview with some wingnut on a crusade to stop Google. How a webmaster can dislike google is beyond me. To the Geek set, Google is the cyber equivalent of "Mom and Apple Pie". Every techie type I know of likes Loves Google, and wonders how we ever lived without it...

Submarine could prove US started Pearl Harbor

From the Independent.
An accidental discovery on the seabed could provide proof that an American sailor, not a Japanese pilot, fired the first shot in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 that launched the Pacific War.
Well, the recent trend is to blame the US for everything from Global warming, world hunger, and September 11th.(you know, the whole "root causes" babbling...) Why not blame the US for Pearl Harbor as well. Link via Midwest Conservative Journal.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

The Jewish Hillbilly community speaks up

John Rosenberg at Discriminations agrees with my take on the possibility of the Beverly Hillbillies Reality Show. I've got to admit, he is definately the first person I know of who claimes to be a Jewish Hick. Growing up, I knew Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians all who would consider themselves Hicks/Rednecks/Etc. You know, Country Music, Pickup Trucks, Chewing Tobacco, etc. etc. Hmmm. Now maybe we should start giving Shotguns and hunting Dogs to some Pacific Islanders and Norweigians...

France finally agrees to shut its piehole!

The new center-right French government has decided to stop criticizing American war planning against Saddam Hussein and instead maximize its leverage with the United States by stressing areas of agreement, according to senior French officials.
Well, It's about time.
The move may also help protect France's national interests in Iraq, including its oil trade, should the United States wage war and win, [French] officials said. The tonal shift does not mean that France has suddenly embraced the American position that a military campaign to oust President Saddam Hussein of Iraq from power is justifiable and perhaps necessary. Rather, Mr. Chirac and Mr. de Villepin have come to the conclusion that it is wiser to present France as an active, strategic partner of the United States and to keep quiet about specific policy differences.
In short, the French are scared to death that they have become irrelevant. No amount of whining and moaning by a bunch of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys is going to stop us. Since they can't stop us, they are going to get on board, in hopes of having some influence in the way that a Post-Saddam Iraqi government. My hope is that after the War, The free people of Iraq remember how the French (among others) coddled and appeased Saddam. I can guarantee that the people under his thumb hate him more than those of us in the US do, and with any luck, the Iraqis will hold a long term grudge against those countries who encouraged the US to let Saddam keep his boot-heel on the neck of the Iraqi civilians. Likewise, they will probably be pretty darn greatful for the people who throw Saddam out, in the same way that Afghanistan Civilians cheered US troops for forcibly removing the Taliban from power.

Numerophobes unite!

That is, People who are irrationally frightened by numbers.

Apparently, Joseph Rodriguez has a serious problem with the number 88.

He has called for Target to remove all clothing with the number 88, because somewhere, somehow, a white supremacist used the number. Even though 99.99% of people haven't the slightest clue that 88 is some sort of racist slogan, Target is pulling the items out of their store.

In related News, George Lucas has digitally removed IG-88 from the next Star Wars DVD release, Dale Jarrett is being protested at Nascar racetracks and Boy Scout Troop 88 in Princeton, NJ has been forced to close.

Also, Posession of Radium, 88th element on the Periodic table, has been outlawed. Because of Its radioactivity and obvious Racist leanings, it is a sure sign that White Supremacist terror is on the rise. Tom Ridge is undoubtedly planning a press conference. (Original Link via Fark)

And you thought your landlord was bad!

A heartless New York landlord is suing relatives of a September 11 victim, claiming she is owed £18,000 in unpaid rent. Denise Lyman said tenant Danielle Kousoulis, killed when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre, should have given three months notice before leaving her flat.
Link via PejmanPundit

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Fine then, We'll just burn more coal!

Instapundit has an interesting link to an article about Environmentalists opposed to wind-generated electricity. As Instapundit says:
"There's just no satisfying some people."
Well, there is, but in this case, no amount of Clean power is going to satisfy the environmentalists. The only thing that will satisfy them is a lack of power generation altogether. Because, of course, this power generation amounts to capitalist activity. The best quote from the article itself:
"There are environmentalists that want to compare wind plants with nothing, and we can never win. Nothing is really great, except it's hard to get any electricity out of it."
The point to remember is that Environmentalists aren't greens. They are more like watermelons. Green on the outside, but red on the inside. Just about any environmentalist issue, you can track down to being anti-business, or anti-capitalist. Look at this idiot to see what I'm talking about. To him, Environmentalism, anti-globalization, anti-capitalism and pro-redistributionist government are all one in the same.

In the words of Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Greenpeace:

[T]he environmental movement has been hijacked by political activists who are using green rhetoric to cloak agendas that have more to do with anti-corporatism and class warfare than with ecology or the environment.
Update: J. Bowen at No Watermelons informs me that this watermelon concept (Green on the outside, red on the inside) is where the name of his blog came from. I think I first read it a while back on another blog, but that person may have very well gotten the original concept from J. Bowen's blog name. Also, A big Howdy to all the Instapundit readers who followed the link here! Update II: According to at least one environmentalist, The introduction of electricity has caused the "destruction" of cultures in the third world

Beverly Hillbillies, the Reality Show

As I have been saying for years, Rednecks are the only group you are allowed to openly mock these days.
The network will soon begin casting for a weekly half-hour series that will follow the adventures of a rural, lower-middle class family -- yes, there will be a granny -- as they are transplanted from their humble digs to a Beverly Hills mansion. The project is tentatively titled "Real Beverly Hillbillies."
As if we don't already have to put up with enough B.S. from Idiots from the blue states.
Maynard said the show is not designed to mock the rural family, unlike scripted entertainment that often takes a dim view of hick culture.
Yeah. And If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interest in. When can we get a show about all the idiots from New Jersey who constantly come down to North Carolina, and then proceed to relentlessly mock everything about it, while telling us all incessantly about how much better it is up north. No THAT would be reality television.

They still make these?

Yahoo!Sony plans to quit making Betamax VCRs. Heck, I thought they had quit making them a long time ago. Does this mean Apple is going to quit making Macs soon?

Arab League plan to deny the Holocaust

Now you tell me, If any American Politician were to deny or downplay the Holocaust, they would be crucified by all sides, including the Left, the right, and the Mainstream Media. Why is it that there is virtually no notice of this, when it is being done by a coutry, or group of countries who are rabidly anti-american and anti-western? I coudl point out a thousand similar stories, but It would be redundant. Why is it that the mainstream media never prominently displays up negative stories about those who hate the US, but would be lightning quick to point at the flaws of any politician on the right who did something like this?

Are we talking to ourselves?

The Spoons Experience has an interesting question, and a poll to match. The poll only appears on the main page, not on the first directly linked page.) They want to know if most blog readers are also bloggers themselves. I know I went for about a month or so as a blog reader, before I decided to put my own out there. And I'm pretty sure that a good size number of my fellow readers (or at least the onens that have contacted me) are Bloggers themselves. Anyway, if you get a second, go over there and let them know if you are a solely a consumer of blogs, or a producer as well! (I'm assuming there are few that only write a blog, and never read any other blogs.)

A New line of work?

It looks like an Animal Rights Activist was mauled by a Grizzly Bear. Did Robert Fisk decide to stand up for Animal Righs, instead of limiting himself to Anti-western Sentiment? (For those not familiar with Fisk, He was the idiot Journalist that was beaten half to death by Afghanis, and then said if he was in their position, “I would have attacked Robert Fisk. Or any other Westerner I could find.”) Link via Silflay Hraka

Meta Analysis via search engine

Tony Woodlief outdoes himself again with an analysis of various websites via their search engines. For example, His visit to the Libertarian Website yielded the following:
A search for the term "legalize drugs" (you knew I was going there, didn't you?) yielded 72 articles. A search for the term "defeat terrorists" yielded four articles. And that, in a nutshell, is why Libertarians don't win.
Of course, he skewers everyone from the Republicans to the National Organization to Women, with various other parties, companies and religious denominations thrown in for good measure. I wonder if he has ever attempted to use Google to search the sites lacking Search Engines, such as the GOP? FWIW, I'm a Methodist, and he Skewers their website pretty well, with the Jesus/Justice Ratio. IMHO, the bigwigs of the UMC are quite a bit different than the rank and file members, particularly those in the many rural/southern Methodist Churches.

The Angry American

Christofer Johnson at the Midwest Conservative Journal performs a top-rate Fisking of a Guardian Piece by John Sutherland, who probably needs to get his ass kicked by a bunch of Toby Keith Fans. In Sutherland's Column, He repeatedly takes aim and fires at straw-man stereotypes of what he dislikes about America. Especially, Toby Keith's song Courtesy of the Red Whit and Blue. Although he criticizes Country Music and Christian Radio Stations, He never gets around to complaining about Talk Radio. I suppose he wasn't bright enough to figure out that AM/FM button on his radio. But then, being from Britain, having more than a couple of channels to watch or stations to listen to was probably quite disorienting for him.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Tax breaks for Phasers and Tricorders?

Tim Hagan is trying to get out the Trekkie Trekker vote. Sadly enough, I think this may just work. If anyone tried to oppose him with the Star Wars vote, all Hagan would have to do is throw Jar-Jar, Midichlorians and ewoks in their opponent's face to make them look silly. Link via Nick Danger. Update: But then, maybe we should keep religion out of it.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Western Civilization, love it or leave it!

Paul Wright at TANSTAAFL has written an excellent piece on what makes western civilization so much superior to the alternatives. Here is a brief snippet from his piece:
Western civilisation is the greatest force for good that the world has ever seen. It has created more prosperity, more wealth, more freedom and more happiness for more people than at any other time in the history of history.And the truly extraordinary thing is: we’re mad keen to share it with others. Anyone can join the Club, and get rich along with us. Membership is open to all, regardless of race, creed or colour. Here are the conditions for membership, and they are non-negotiable. 1. Free, fair and frequent elections, open to all adults to vote and contest. 2. Transparent lawmaking 3. Rule of Law, professional police, open courts 4. Free press, with no Government restrictions on starting new media 5. Free markets, internally and externally
Thanks to the Rottweiler for the link.